Mornings at Bondi

… probably one of the most famous surf beaches in the world.

The aboriginal word “Bondi”, which translates into “water breaking over rocks” says it all. I could sit on the sandy beach for hours and watch the surfer trying to catch the perfect wave whilst listening to the calming sound of the ocean. Although it is a very touristy spot, Bondi Beach definitely ranks among my favourite places in Sydney.
You can do so many activities here, whether you want to go surfing, do yoga, go for a run or walk, enjoy some great food or just simply relax on the beach, read a book and meet up with friends, Bondi has so much to offer.
I personally love to find a quiet place close to the rock pools and watch the waves rolling in. There is always a camera in my bag and taking a couple of photos every now and then is a must for me especially when I am early enough to catch the first rays of sunlight after sunrise. It is just magical when the light hits the surface of the ocean, capturing backlit waves and surfers while they do turns and flips with their boards.
Shortly before sunrise, you will find yourself and Bondi Beach surrounded by this gorgeous warm light and the most beautiful colours in the sky. If you are really lucky and you catch a good day, you might even think the sky is on fire. Lush tones of orange, red and pink transform the sky and clouds into a beautiful inferno above the horizon. For me personally, there is nothing more beautiful and breathtaking than witnessing such a natural spectacle. It makes you forget all the stress and busy things that happen around you. Taking a few minutes and simply enjoying the movement of the clouds, the change of colours in the sky and the sound of breaking waves is the best way to start the day bright and early.
As soon as the sun is out, Bondi awakens and becomes more lively minute by minute. People living close by like start their mornings next to the beach and who can blame them. If I lived there, I would be one them. Doing yoga or meditating at the beach, going for a morning walk along the cliffs and beaches or simply having a smoothie and breakfast at one of the many cute and delicious little cafés along the beach. (I’m not so much a coffee/tea drinker. Please don’t judge me but I just don’t like drinking warm beverages. Except for hot cocoa – there is nothing better than hot chocolate on a cold winter day!)

I know that is really hard to get out of your cosy bed that early in the morning, especially when it is still dark outside. (I’m not much of a morning person either, to say the least!) But I tell you, it is so worth it and you won’t regret spending the morning at Bondi once you have witnessed how beautiful a sunrise from this beach looks like. So whether you live in Sydney or you are just visiting for a couple of days, make sure to have the sunrise experience at Bondi Beach at least once in your life!
Enjoy some of my snapshots and I hope this will make you spend a morning at Bondi yourself as soon and often as possible! I can’t wait to be back in a few weeks even it is just for a couple days. See you at the beach!

P.S.: I’m the one who is running around with a camera or maybe two (never miss out on the chance of taking a great Polaroid).